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Health Coaching is a partnership between coach and client that supports and guides the client toward desired health and lifestyle changes.  Coach and client work together to create an optimal health vision, identify personal values and assess current health. From there, the client chooses a focus, explores the readiness to change, and sets small, attainable weekly action steps in order to work towards longer term, sustainable behavior change.


A Health Coach acts as an unconditionally encouraging, compassionate, non-judgmental source of support who also helps to hold the client accountable to their established goals.


Gail coaches those who have chosen to follow the Medical Medium, Anthony William's information/protocols. She has been incorporating and utilizing this information for the past eight years and has experienced deep, impactful healing and reversal of symptoms that have plagued her health since early childhood. Anthony's information is nuanced, unconventional, riveting and rooted in compassion, love, truth, and a deep desire to deliver the information that will provide the answers that are essential to help others heal. The information is pure, it is not self-serving or compromised by special interests and is a much needed paradigm change in the wellness sphere.


Gail will meet you right where you are on your path to better health through this information. Holding compassion for oneself and having a mindset of curiosity and flexibility is key to the journey! 

Gail received her Health Coach training from Duke University’s Health and Well-Being Coach training program (2018) which is rooted in research and based on the neuroscience of change and behavior change theories.


Health Coaching sessions:

Initial session is 60 minutes and subsequent sessions are 45 minutes.



*a reduced rate (sliding scale) is available for those in need- please send a message through the contact page or email

*Recommended coaching period is a minimum of 3 months w/ sessions scheduled every other week for a total of 6 sessions 

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