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Sound Healing

For millennia, sound has been used as a tool for healing by many cultures throughout the world. The vibrations of instruments Gail uses such as tuning forks, Tibetan & crystal singing bowls, light chimes and other calming sounds can assist with surrendering the anxious chatter of the mind and facilitate shifts in brain activity into a more relaxed, harmonious state. The sounds are gentle, subtle, and a sound healing session is akin to getting a massage at a cellular level as the frequencies move through the entire body in deep resonance. Every individual responds differently to sound and each session can provide new insight and opportunities for expansion and healing. 


Sound Healing sessions:

one hour = $75

*a reduced rate (sliding scale) is available for those in need- please send a message through the contact page or email

*Reiki can be incorporated into any sound session and together, the two modalities can help clear out stagnant/unproductive energy in a subtle, yet impactful way.

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